About Us

Palladeo Equipment, LLC is owned and operated by Vahag Vic Ovasapyan.

Vic is an Electronic Engineer with an MBA.  He knows best of both Engineering and the Business worlds.  He also, successfully managed and directed many fortune 500 companies to grow to a stable path.

Palladeo Equipment is a reseller of refurbished, tested, bio-medical, lab, Industrial and other equipment. When Palladeo Equipment was founded in 2009, it operated out of a 1000 sf warehouse. It’s now grown to over 15,000 sf of warehouse space with additional expansion plans on the horizon.

With many documented positive customer reviews and positive attitude, Palladeo will continue to grow to service their customers worldwide.  With new strategies in place to add additional value to its growing customer base, Palladeo Equipment will become the most well known and respected name in its industry.